Good Morning High Metabolism Workout

During my morning routine I try to fit in 50 jump squats and a 1 minute plank between brushing my teeth and taming my hair. It’s not a lot by any means, but it gets my metabolism going before I’ve even had breakfast, it wakes me up before my morning coffee, and it keeps me motivated for the rest of the day.
I thought I’d develop this into a mini workout you can do as soon as you get out of bed to really rev your heart rate up. It’s great if you know you’re not going to have time to fit in a full workout anytime during the day.
Standing side stretch (hold for 15 seconds each side)
Layout 1
Forward fold (hold for 30 seconds)
Cat pose (do this about 5-6 times for a good stretch)
25 jump squats
10 pushups
25 star jumps
30 second plank hold
Child pose (hold for 30 seconds)
Repeat this twice. Jump in the shower. Have a high protein breakfast. And absolutely kill your day because you are a mega babe.
 tumblr_n81juuv6fN1qc0nooo3_250 Words by Bex Knight, PR babe, health and fitness lover and writer of The Street Complex.

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